Tundra Lodge


Immerse yourself in the worlds most unique accommodations in the world!  Great White Bear Lodge is situated in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area were the ice first begins to form on the Hudson Bay, attracting the bears and making the area an ideal spot for optimal viewing.

Tundra Lodge guest will find no more exciting, higher quality polar bear adventure out there... This is it!

Aboard this rolling hotel where each guest has an individual cabin with a sleeping berth.  So, not only will you enjoy personal comfort, you'll have your own private window through which to watch bears and, if you're lucky, the northern lights too! As evening falls remain in the domain of the polar bear to experience sunset across the snow and ice.  Large outdoor viewing platforms further enhance bear viewing opportunities.  Each season the Tundra Lodge is situated in a location with the highest bear activity - no need to go back to town at night and miss anything!

Please contact our partners at Natural Habitat Adventures to book your Tundra Lodge package at 1-800-543-8917 or check out their website at www.nathab.com.