Polar Rovers

Explore the Churchill Wildlife Management Area in our luxurious Polar Rover. These vehicles are heated, wheelchair accessible, reclining seats, easily opened windows and have comfortable washrooms with flush toilets. All our vehicles have outdoor grated see-through decks and the vehicle height is designed to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

Because of the unique requirements to keep people safe from the polar bears yet enable them to safely view the polar bears, these vehicles have to be custom built for both rough terrain travel and passenger comfort. They are designed and constructed in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada by Don Walkoski.

Although massive, our Polar Rovers put down a low 4lbs per square inch in ground pressure minimizing damage to the fragile arctic landscape which is due to the large tires that we use. The machines burn an average of 12-15 gallons of fuel per day because of the low gear ratios and small 210 hp diesel engines that power the vehicle.