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If you are interested in a package tour, please use the form below or call 1-800-543-8917. We offer a variety of tour packages using our Polar Rovers and Tundra Lodge.

Please note that lodge reservations are exclusive to package tours.

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Canada's Premier Polar Bear Adventure

Meet the "King of the Arctic"! Our flagship polar bear tour is an expertly guided small-group adventure to see the world's largest concentration of polar bears in their natural habitat.
6-7 Days / Oct & Nov, From $7,495 (+air) USD

Ultimate Churchill Adventure

A total immersion into the world of the polar bear! Learn about the Northland’s culture and history, visit a polar bear den, and view polar bears from our Polar Rover tundra vehicle.

7 Days / Oct & Nov, From $9,995 (+air) USD

Tundra Lodge & Town Adventure

Stay at our exclusive Tundra Lodge for unparalleled seclusion and proximity to wild polar bears—then add two nights in the historic town of Churchill to experience the culture of the North!

7 days / Oct, From $9,995 (+air) USD

Tundra Lodge Adventure

Our mobile Tundra Lodge is located each season in an area of high bear density. Stay amidst polar bears around the clock. This is likely the most extraordinary polar bear tour in the world!

6 or 7 Days / Oct & Nov, From $11,795 (+air) USD

Churchill Arctic Family Adventure

Look for Arctic wildlife on the tundra.  Search for polar bears from a helicopter flight, take an authenic dog sled ride, and meet Churchill's hardy local people.
6 Days / Nov, From Adult -  $6,995 USD Child - $5,995 (+air) USD

Beluga, Bears & Summer Wildlife of Churchill

Meet hundreds of friendly beluga whales up close on Zodiac excursions, as well as caribou, polar bears, arctic fox and more on this Northland tundra adventure!

7 or 9 Days / Jul & Aug, From $7,395 (+air) USD 

Northern Lights & Arctic Exploration

Churchill, Manitoba is one of the best places on the planet to view the aurora borealis, and 2022 is predicted to continue some of the most intense aurora activity in years—don't miss it!

7 Days / Jan - Mar, From $6,295 (+air) USD 

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