Why travel with our company

Great White Bear Tours holds exclusive permits for the best polar bear viewing area.  We are one of 2 polar bear tour operators in Churchill with exclusive permits to access the full range of the Churchill Wildlife Management Area (WMA) where the best - and often only - polar bear observation occurs.  Those who do not have full access to the WMA can only offer trips aboard school-bus-style vehicles along the road to Halfway point, which is, as the name implies, only halfway to the best polar bear viewing area. If you're going to Churchill just once in your life, don't miss a complete bear viewing experience!


Stay Among the Bears at the world's Most Remarkable Rolling Hotel—on the Tundra Itself!

This is simply the most extraordinary polar bear experience available! Stay at the Tundra Lodge, situated outside Churchill on the vast expanse of the subarctic tundra itself. From your own private cabin window or the open-air observation platforms, you have constant proximity to polar bears in the area around the clock. As evening falls, remain in the domain of the polar bear to experience sunset across the snow and ice. Safe inside our custom lodge, we enjoy surprising comfort. This custom “train” of connected bedrooms, dining room and lounge car is built on wheels, allowing it to be stationed for optimal bear viewing each season. There’s no more thorough immersion in the polar bear's Arctic realm than on this most unique of northern adventures!


Our Polar Rovers are the Most Impressive Vehicles in the North. The original tundra truck designed for bear viewing was invented several decades ago, an exciting concept that we have significantly improved upon. The original tundra truck designed for bear viewing was invented several decades ago, an exciting concept that we have significantly improved upon. A world-renowned specialty vehicle designer, has created a new model that's far superior to those old originals, which we use exclusively! The Polar Rover, driven by an advanced drive train that allows us to safely cruise the tundra with virtually no chance of breakdown, has a custom-designed heavy-duty suspension system that steadies the ride over the uneven terrain. And, with on-board flush toilets (rather than drop buckets, which can smell), our guests have a superior level of comfort. See more details on our Polar Rovers.


Steel Mesh Flooring for Close-up Polar Bear Viewing
Built into the rear viewing platforms of every Polar Rover – and into the platforms that separate the 'cars' of our Tundra Lodge –is an exclusive feature that greatly enhances our polar bear observation: corrugated steel mesh floors that we can see through, so you're able to get within mere inches of the curious bears that often walk beneath the platforms!


What is the average temperature in Churchill, MB in October and November?

The temperature in October ranges between 0 to -10 degrees Celcius and between 0 to -20 in November.

What types of clothing should I wear in October and November?

The weather can vary during these months, so we recommend dressing in layers.  A warm hat, gloves, boots, and a warm jacket are all encouraged.  Keep in mind that even though you will be on the Polar Rover, the windows can   be opened and you may want to go out on the deck.

Are your tours handicap accessible?

Yes,  all our tours are handicap accessible via ramps.

Can I see the Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis when in Churchill for my tour?

Northern lights are most common January through March, although they can occasionally be seen in October and November.

What are the best ways to travel to Churchill?

There are 2 options.
1.  Fly to Churchill, MB from Winnipeg via Calm Air
2. Travel to Thompson, MB and take the train to Churchill, MB using Via Rail