Company Overview

Great White Bear Tours, Inc. is a family owned and operated company incorporated in 1994.  The owners, Don and Marilyn Walkoski, began transporting small groups of photographers out onto the tundra to view the polar bear migration in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area.  The tours gained popularity and Don began building larger Polar Rovers to accommodate larger groups.  Today, Great White Bear Tours, Inc. boasts a fleet of 12 custom built Polar Rovers and a mobile Tundra Lodge that is situated outside of Churchill on the tundra.


  • Spring months
    • Northern Lights Tours in Polar Rovers (February & March) (groups only)
  • Summer months
    • Bird Watching in Polar Rovers and Wildlife viewing in Polar Rovers (groups only)
  • Fall months
    • Bear Watching Tours in Polar Rovers (October & November) (groups and individuals)

Travel with our knowledgeable and experienced driver-guides in luxurious Polar Rovers and view Artic Fox, Caribou, Snowy Owls and of course, the magnificent Polar Bears, all in their natural habitat.

Stay at our custom built Tundra Lodge sleeping with the Polar Bears under the awe inspiring Northern Lights.

While in Churchill, be sure to visit the Great White Bear Tours Gift Shop at 174 Kelsey Blvd. This gift shop/tour office is located in the historic Hudson’s Bay Trading Post building.

For current prices and available dates, call us toll free at 1-866-262-6202 or contact us by email at


Our Philosophy

Living and working in Churchill for many years has given us a great appreciation for the natural beauty of the North and the delicate environment in which humans and wildlife must co-exist.

While we strive to provide our clients with an exceptional Northern experience, we are also conscious of the environment, which we take very seriously, and always communicate to our clients the appropriate ways to view and enjoy wildlife in order to minimize the collective footprint left by our customers, staff and Polar Rovers.

We gratefully support the Churchill Northern Studies Centre whose research provides information required for our company and all residents and visitors to Churchill, to respect and protect our Polar Bear population and protect and sustain our environment.


Owner Profiles

Don Walkoski moved to Churchill with his family in 1969 at the age of 7.  His first job was at a garage in Churchill at the age of 10!  It was here that Don discovered his natural talent and ability for mechanical and welding work.  In his spare time, Don was outdoors, fishing, hunting, trapping, biking and snowmobiling.

Marilyn Walkoski was born and raised in Saskatchewan and moved to Churchill in 1982 She met Don shortly after arriving and they were married in 1983.  Marilyn is a veterinary technician by trade, so working in and around the wildlife in Churchill comes naturally for her and she has a terrific understanding of the animals that they encounter each day.

Don and Marilyn have three children, all adults now, Sheldon, Kyle and Ryan.  The boys were born and raised in Churchill and grew up helping their parents build Great White Bear Tours.  They also enjoy hunting, fishing, biking, trapping and snowmobiling.  Sheldon is the President of Anything Custom Ltd., Kyle is the President at White Bear Tours Inc in Churchill and Ryan is an Athletic Therapist in Winnipeg.

Don and Marilyn moved to Winnipeg in 2002 and opened their second business, Anything Custom Ltd..  They continue to operate Great White Bear Tours Inc. and spend approximately 5 months in Churchill each year.


Great White Bear Tours, Inc. is a member of the BBB, Travel Manitoba, Manitoba Chamber of Commerce, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, Churchill Chamber of Commerce, & Ducks Unlimited.