Thoughts and Reflections by Employee and Friend, Arnar Palsson

Arnar has been with Great White Bear Tours for the past 4 years – first as a bus driver and now as a Polar Rover driver. He has known the Walkoski family for many years through their contributions to and attendance at Ducks Unlimited Canada events, where he is an ambassador in protecting the country's wetlands.

I first met the Great White Bear Tours owners Marilyn and Don approximately 15 years ago at a Ducks Unlimited banquet in Manitoba. I was immediately attracted to their philanthropy within the Churchill community and their overall stewardship.

After retiring from the trucking industry in the North, and having had the opportunity to experience the beauty of the northern surroundings, I decided that I would find great joy in helping others experience what I had been so blessed with. One particular night, after a Ducks Unlimited event, I approached Don and asked if there was the opportunity to help alongside the Great White Bear Tours team. This was, true to his nature, received with wide-open arms.

I have only worked for Great White Bear Tours for a few years, so my input on the start and progression of the company would be minimal compared to the ones that have worked here before me. However, in the past years that I have worked for Great White Bear Tours as a tour bus driver, the company has continued to grow and the equipment has only improved and become increasingly modernized year by year.

That moment when the owners come out after a shift on the tundra to empty your toilet tank, fuel your machine, and carefully check the machine for wear and tear – is truly wonderful. Excellent quality control and family atmosphere is at the heart of this company, which makes for an incredibly comfortable environment to exist within. I have huge respect for Great White Bear Tours.

Funny and fond memories are numerous. From trying to catch someone’s fingers with a mousetrap – to the frightening ‘boo’ from behind a rover tire. These keep us on our toes, but at the end of the day we know we have each other’s back – and always will.

My love for the North seems to run in my blood. For as long as I have been here, I have grown to appreciate the culture and act of preserving the land and wildlife, and I am extremely moved with each passing year with Great White Bear Tours.