Meet the Staff

Staff Profile

Lindsey Bell
Lindsey grew up in Winnipeg, spending most of her time at the family cottage at Nutimik Lake, snowmobiling, quadding, hiking, and boating.  She has a passion for wildlife and conservation.  This passion has led to various jobs with animals and conservation efforts both in Manitoba and overseas.  She has a love for travel, and has spent multiple trips travelling and working with animals throughout Africa.  Her love of travel, wildlife, and photography is what led her to Churchill, and will keep her coming back for years to come.

Claude Daudet
Claude first came to Churchill in 1981 to work with the Hudson Bay Company as a meat cutter and fell in love with the northern life style.  A man that wears many hats; Canadian Rangers (search and rescue for the area) for 20 years, Trail boss for the Hudson Bay Quest dog sled race, Parks Canada site supervisor at York Factory National Historic Site and aircraft refueler.  This will be his third season working with Great White Bear Tours.

Michael Ferreira
Michael has been with Great White Bear Tours since 2015.  He is a steward of nature and is thrilled to be part of the sustainable and exciting tourism industry in Churchill.  He loves the primal atmosphere of the great white north and is excited to share that enthusiasm with everyone he shuttles around town as one of the bus drivers.  During the rest of the year Michael journeys around Canada and beyond doing outdoor seasonal work, practicing yoga, and building community with family and friends.

Nastaja Ferreira
Nastaja is returning to Churchill for her second year with the company.  She is delighted to share her passion for animals and nature as she shuttles guests around town.  She is excited to learn more about the Arctic culture and the mighty polar bears that have captivated her.  In the off season she enjoys world travel, cooking and yoga with her partner Michael Ferreira

Val Kelly
Val has been with our company since 2002.  Val lived in Churchill with her family when she was young and she now resides in North Bay, Ontario.  Val was also bitten by the Polar Bear bug and she like our other drivers looks forward to the annual migration to Churchill to watch the majestic animals.  Val’s positive outlook on life is infectious and she truly enjoys meeting new people and traveling.

Jason Luoma
Jason spent many years in Churchill and has moved to Ontario.  He returns to work for company for the bear season.  During his years in Churchill he immersed himself in all the outdoor activities Churchill offered.  Jason holds a unique position in our company.  He drives the Polar rover for the Tundra Lodge guests and lives on the lodge for 6 weeks.  His easy going fun loving personality makes him well suited for his job.

Bill McPherson
Ol' Bill is a retired teacher who taught in Churchill for 5 years.  It was during this time that his love for the polar bear and photography grew.  He has been with the company since 2004 but not consider his work a job, but considers it a privilege to drive on the tundra among the bears and other wildflife every day.

Louella McPherson
Louella has been married to Bill for 43 years. She is a retired teacher who taught in Churchill for 5 years.  She has been with the company since 2004.  She wears many hats when working.  You can find her at the Gift Boutique every morning.  When she leaves there she continues running around town and puts togehter fabulous meals for the staff.  Every year she says it's like returning home and can't wait to see her first bear.

Erin Narancsik
Erin grew up in Southwestern Ontario and has lived in British Columbia for the past four years.  This will be her first season in Churchill with Great White Bear Tours, where she will be seen happily shuttling guests around town.  Erin is passionate about animals and the environment and is very excited to see the polar bears in their natual habitat and experience all the beauty Churchill has to offer.

Stu Oman
Stu was born in Churchill and has an extensive family history in the costal north which includes the Duck Lake and York Factory regions.  As a child he lived and grew up with Don, Val and Ward.  Stu spent his professional career as a police officer with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  Since his retirement he and his wife Sharon reside in Swan River, Manitoba.  Stu has a pleasent personality and a unique insight with the bears and the Churchill region.

Arnar Palsson
Arnar is quickly becoming a fixture in Churchill.  His love for the natural habitat draws him to the untouched areas of the land.  Arnar's passion for Churchill started about 16 years ago when he arrived to auction at the Ducks Unlimited banquet where he is an ambassador in saving the wetlands that are being destroyed by drainage.  This move has brought him back year after year and finally joining Great White Bear Tours in sharing the history of the magnificent polar bear and it's surrounding beauty.  Normally you will find him behind the wheel of a tour bus with a smile and welcome to all.

Dan Pona
Dan is a husband, father of three, grandfather of four, and a retired high school administrator, had his first opportunity to visit Churchill in 2013 to drive for Great White Bear Tours.  An active cyclist and outdoors person, he enjoys photography, and spending time with his wife Chris in their studio creating stained glass and fused glass art.  He is super excited to return to polar bear country again this year.

Kyle Walkoski
We welcome Kyle back to Churchill as our General Manager.  Kyle has resigned from his position as a Manitoba conservation officer after working throughout the province for the past 9 years.  He is looking forward to raising his children in the town where he grew up and being a part of the family business.  His conservation background and knowledge about the community will be a great asset for Great White Bear Tours Inc.

Konan Wendt
Konan comes from a small town in southern Ontario but has travelled the world and experienced many different cultures along the way.  Never set in one place for too long he moves like the wind and tries on every opportunity life throws his way.  For the next 6 weeks Konan will call Churchill his home and hopes to add a cool new vibe to the GWBT experience.