• The #1 Place in the World to Experience Polar Bears

    The #1 Place in the World to Experience Polar Bears

  • Bringing Arctic Dreams to Life for 30 Years

    Bringing Arctic Dreams to Life for 30 Years

  • Nose to Nose with Your Arctic Dream

    Nose to Nose with Your Arctic Dream

  • Arctic Explorers Wanted

    Arctic Explorers Wanted

  • Experience the Dream

    Experience the Dream

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The year 2018 marks our 30th anniversay since turning a love for the community and wildlife of Churchill, Manitoba, for photography, adventure, and the challenge of improving each new Polar Rover, into a thriving family-run business. We're excited to commemorate such an important year and share the journey we've taken since the days of 'Old Blue' (the first Polar Rover)! 


Polar Bear Tours - Churchill, MB

Come join us for your ultimate polar bear viewing experience. Travel with our guides in the most luxurious custom built Polar Rovers, where you will see arctic wildlife including arctic fox, caribou, snowy owls and of course the magnificent polar bear...all in their natural environment. Stay at our custom built Tundra Lodge, sleeping with polar bears under the awe inspiring northern lights.

Despite the recent closure of the rail line, there are still several ways that visitors can travel to Churchill. 
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Learn more about our company, our polar rovers and tundra lodge, and meet the staff that will take you on your Great White Bear Tour!

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Take a look at some of the wildlife you may see during your Great White Bear Tours adventure: From polar bears to other wildlife. Also have a look at our Polar Rovers, as well as what Churchill has to offer.

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Ranked as the top polar bear tour in Churchill and well as one of the top "Things to Do" in Churchill. While visitors rate the tour as "Absolutely Amazing", we hope to give you the "Experience of a Lifetime". Click on the link below to see what others are saying about Great White Bear Tours.